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Who Am I and Why Do I Blog?

Easy, peasy topic for my first Zero to Hero task, right? Wrong. If it was really so simple, this post would be typed, proof-read and uploaded already, instead of six days later. However, every time I thought about this challenge, my mind kept drawing a blank. Not an I-don’t-know-who-I-am-blank, but rather a where-do-I-start-blank. After spending several days thinking about it,… Read more »

Crafting An Awesome Blog Is Tricky

I’ve been working hard this May long-weekend creating my Meet Alicia and The Fine Print pages. Marketing yourself as a service is certainly challenging — I’ve got a new-found appreciation for authors. I wonder if, after writing a great novel, they’re as exhausted as I was after drafting two pages? Make sure to check out my hard work, and if… Read more »