Welcome to Colour Me Beauty! My name is Alicia, and I’m a curly-haired gal from the Ottawa Valley area of Canada. This blog was founded in early 2013 when I discovered subscription boxes were a thing. Monthly boxes were an awesome way of revamping mail-order shopping for the Millennial generation, and I decided it just might be fun to blog about my adventures in boxland.

Fast-forward to 2016, and I probably now own enough nail polish to open my own salon! Unfortunately, thanks to procrastination and a day job, my blog doesn’t have a whole lot of posts showcasing the goodies that I received in those subscription boxes. 

Why the name Colour Me Beauty? Simple. As a child, I would happily spend hours with my pencil crayons and a good colouring book. Choosing just the right colour and making sure that I stayed inside the lines was fun! So, it seems that my love for fashion and cosmetics sprouted from that early passion for colour. (Ok, and maybe from all my Barbie dolls too.)

When I’m not working on my site, I read a lot (books, blogs and the occasional magazine/newspaper), binge watch tv shows on NETFLIX, and hang out at home dreaming of the day that my bank account balance is larger (way, way larger) than my credit card balance. It’ll happen. Someday. I hope. (Hey, at least my student loans are paid off. That counts for something, right?) Oh, and dust bunnies are my nemesis. Please send swiffers…and a cleaning fairy!

Do you have a question, a post idea, or a product you’d like me to review? Just send an email to: colourmebblog@gmail.com

Disclosure Policy: All products featured on this site were purchased by me unless otherwise indicated. PR samples will be noted with a disclosure statement at the bottom of the post. I give my honest opinion, regardless of the source, when testing products and writing reviews.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Easter Ellen

    Your about page is really fun and to the point. Really enjoyed it and don’t mind that it is 3rd person at all. It makes it a bit different than most of the other “about” pages that we read.

  2. thisbishawesome

    wow!! your blog is amazing.its fun ,colourful just like the name suggested.I hope to make my blog as beautiful as yours someday.Am still really new to wordpress.Today is my second day,so i would really appreciate it if you could check out my blog and give me come tips.

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