Get Royal. Brit Stitch Handbags Are Now at ModCloth!

The postman might ring twice, but the milkman has better taste!

Say cheerio to Brit Stitch. This UK designer has been crafting handbags – fit for a duchess – for more than three decades, and their story goes a little something like this:

“It was back in 1967 when master craftsman Peter Jones made a leather cash bag for his local milkman, Toby. In 2012, Toby brought his bag back for a replacement strap. With 45 years of history in our hands, we decided it was time to give the vintage bag a thoroughly modern makeover, using the traditional skills we’re so proud of.”

brit stich half pint handbag

Brit Stitch “Half Pint” Handbag

While you may not be able to be Kate Middleton, at least now you can accessorize like her! Brit Stitch‘s exquisite leather satchels are making their long over-due trip “across the pond.” These bags are available in Half Pint, Milkman and Full Pint sizes, and come in trendy pastel colours — there’s seriously a look to coordinate with every wardrobe, whether your personal style is retro or modern.

If you’re in the U.S. or Canada, you can head on over to ModCloth today and nab yourself a brilliantly British handbag that’s sure to up the “royal-factor” of your next outfit!

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