Who Am I and Why Do I Blog?

Easy, peasy topic for my first Zero to Hero task, right? Wrong. If it was really so simple, this post would be typed, proof-read and uploaded already, instead of six days later. However, every time I thought about this challenge, my mind kept drawing a blank. Not an I-don’t-know-who-I-am-blank, but rather a where-do-I-start-blank. After spending several days thinking about it, I’ve concluded that my About page has only the Coles Notes version of me. I’m so much more than just a “Canadian chick who loves to shop and look pretty.”

I’m a 30-something gal who hasn’t learned to drive because I’m scared that I’ll be bad at it. Scratch that, I know that I’ll be bad at it. I mean, if my hand-to-eye coordination is so awful that I can’t cut a straight line with a pair of scissors, or consistently connect my badminton racquet with a birdie (I love the game, but more often than not, it’s through sheer luck alone that I manage to hit that sucker over the net), why would anyone want me behind the wheel of a moving vehicle? Unless, maybe, they have a death wish.

Hmm. What else is there about me that might be interesting? Well, I guess you could say that I’m a talker. If you choose to strike-up a conversation with me, expect to be awhile — I have a tendency to ramble. Plus, my hands will flail around a lot. (Are there any fellow hand-talkers out there in blogland?)

I’m arts-y by nature. I adore colour. I’m a perfectionist. Which explains exactly why my blog will be one year old in 20 days and has only a handful of posts. I’ve spent more of my time testing out themes, and choosing which widgets and colours to use than I have writing posts, but (hopefully) that’s about to change. It’s why I signed up for Blogging 101: Zero to Hero — to get a push to write on a more regular basis.

Now let’s move on to why I blog. This is so much easier to answer! I started Colour Me Beauty to talk about what I love (subscription boxes, nail polish, make-up, fashion and books) with people who share the same interests, and to keep my writing skills from getting rusty.

Well, I guess that’s it, so don’t forget to ‘like’ this post or add a ‘comment’ below. Feedback is love!

Stay beautiful,

– Alicia ♥

5 thoughts on “Who Am I and Why Do I Blog?

    1. Alicia

      Thanks for stopping by, Lana!

      It’s nice to meet a fellow non-driver because sometimes it feels like I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t own a car or have a licence.

    1. Alicia

      Thanks for the compliment, Sass!

      I stumbled across the mascara and happy shopper girl graphics on a stock photo website and I had to have them. This is my favourite of the header’s that I’ve created over the past year. 🙂


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