Foodie Pages: August 2013 Tasting Box Review

August 2013 Tasting Box

The Box

Company: Foodie Pages

Category: Food

Cost: $14.95 (includes shipping)

Availability: Canada

The Skinny

Foodie Pages is your online farmer’s market — buy directly from the best food producers, farmers and artisans in Canada.

Are you a foodie who loves to try new things? The tasting box includes 4 or 5 scrumptious tastes to enjoy, made by Canada’s top artisan food-makers.  This is your chance to sample and learn from the incredible culinary talents right here in our own backyard. Each month, on the 1st, there are 50 boxes available on a first come, first serve basis.

Aug 2013 Tasting Box Contents

The Perks

Invite your friends to subscribe to Foodie Pages updates (it’s free!) and earn rewards. Share your unique referral link in your emails, blog posts, or on Facebook and Twitter. Anyone who subscribes using your link receives a $10 coupon to use on their first purchase. When your friend makes that first purchase, Foodie Pages will send you a $10 coupon to use on a future purchase. FYI — referral coupons will expire 90 days after they are issued. 

The Products

Deluxe Soup Mix | Full of Beans (Bornholm ON)

Full of Beans Soup Mix

Ten different types of locally grown beans in one impressive package! Makes a hearty, gluten-free soup which packs a healthy punch. Comes with Kim’s soup recipe, too!

It’s been way too hot this month to even think about soup, let alone make it. So, I’m tucking this little bag of multicoloured beans away until the cold winds start to blow. I’m undecided on whether they’ll go into a soup or a chilli, but either way they’ll be delicious!

Spicy Tomato Jam | Manning Canning (Toronto ON)

Spicy Tomato Jam

Each jar is handmade with special attention to every detail, from the selection of ingredients to the creation of the recipe. We love to spread it on a toasted English muffin, topped with a fried egg and spinach. Who needs ketchup?!

I’ve never been one of those people who puts sugar on their tomatoes, so tomato jam didn’t sound like something I would enjoy. However, I actually liked it. I tried the spicy tomato jam on a scone at breakfast and on mild Italian sausages at dinner. While it was yummy on both, if I were to buy more in the future, my preference would be to use the jam in place of ketchup on hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. because the consistency is more like a relish than a jam.

Magnificent Mango Chutney | Major Craig’s (Ottawa ON)

Mango Chutney

Chutney made tasty! Magnificent Mango is Andrew’s newest flavour, packed with loads of mango and a dash of cumin. Try it on a grilled cheese sandwich!

Adding mango-flavoured anything sounds like a way to ruin a perfectly good grilled cheese sandwich (can you tell that mangos aren’t my favourite fruit?), so I’ve yet to try this. I’m open to suggestions on what I should eat chutney with — make sure to hit up the comment section below with your tips!

Salted Karamel Newget | The Newget Kompany (Edmonton AB)

Sea Salt Newget

Newget is no ordinary confection. It’s a wildly original chocolate based treat that always starts with a foundation of the finest dark, milk or white chocolate. Newget flavour comes from the roasted nuts and spices mixed in – different taste combinations to satisfy your next craving.

Three guesses about what I ate first from the August tasting box (and your first two don’t count!). I was sold at the words “chocolate” and “nuts.” This newget was the perfect salty-sweet treat! So very yummy.

Number Three Crisps | Feys + Hobbs (Victoria BC)

Feyes + Hobbs Crackers

Deliciously addictive and good-for-you multigrain crisps. We love them because they’re the perfect one bite size – and they don’t fall apart and ruin your party outfit!

Well the description on the box contents card got one thing right…they are the perfect bite size! My taste buds must have been having an off-day because I didn’t care for these wheat-free crisps at all. I tried them on their own and with a bit of cream cheese and they still tasted super bland.

The Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed my first tasting box and am looking forward to sampling more interesting goodies in the future from Foodie Pages.

If you consider yourself a foodie or you just plain love food, take a moment, and sign up for FREE to be a Foodie Pages member using my referral link. This way you’ll get email updates about new producers and pop-up shops, as well as the chance to try your luck at getting a “Taste of Canada” with one of the 50 tasting boxes available each month.

Stay beautiful (and well fed),

– Alicia ♥

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5 thoughts on “Foodie Pages: August 2013 Tasting Box Review

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  2. Andrew

    Try the Chutney with a nice braised tenderloin (either beef or pork). I’ll often have it on ‘leftovers’ sandwiches :-)… I’ve even had it on Pizza (after the pizza is cooked). The mango is not the dominant flavour, the spices are the star of the show.


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