Book Review: Dead Politician Society

The Plot

Dead Politician Society is the debut novel from Canadian author, Robin Spano. It’s a murder mystery that introduces us to Clare Vengel, a rookie cop in Toronto who dreams of being promoted from mundane “break-and-enters” to undercover assignments.


How cool is this cover art? Me thinks, very cool. Kudos to the artist!

She’s a modern Nancy Drew — and by modern, I mean a motorcycle-riding, trailer park bred gal who loves to swear, smoke, drink and hook-up.

Clare’s undercover dreams come true when the Mayor drops dead during a speech. The Society for Political Utopia — a group with ties to the University of Toronto — has claimed responsibility via an obituary sent to the Star. Charged with the near-impossible task of infiltrating the SPU, Clare soon finds herself enrolled as a Political Science major at the U of T.

As the bodies and obits start to pile up, the pressure is on to solve the case — fast! Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Clare stops getting cozy with the students, and switches her focus to her professor, Dr. Matthew Easton. He has a reputation for dating his students, and so with the blessings of her handler, she sets out to seduce him. Sleeping with the enemy takes on a whole new meaning as Clare quickly discovers that unmasking the killer will mean arresting someone (or several someones!) that she considers a friend.

The Review

I picked this book up during the Canada Day sale mentioned here mainly because it was cheap ($2.69) and it had awesome cover art. However, I also enjoy a good whodunit  story, probably due to the obscene amount of Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mysteries I read as a pre-teen.

In my opinion, this novel is a page-turning, humorous read — perfect for a lazy day at the beach! In fact, what I like the most, is that it’s not told solely from Clare’s point of view. Instead, each chapter focuses on a different character, which allows the reader to “get into the head” of all the prime suspects. This entertaining writing style kept me guessing right until the end about who the killer was, and I’m looking forward to reading more Clare Vengel mysteries in the near future.

Have you read Dead Politician Society or any of the other Clare Vengel mysteries? Tell me what you loved (or didn’t love) in the comments  below.

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