#Kobo Is Having A Massive Summer Sale On eReaders!

If you’ve been flip-flopping back and forth on whether you should invest in an eReader, let me make the decision for you — buy it. You will not regret it. Ever.

I’ve had my Kobo Touch for close to two years now and it still performs as good as it did fresh out of the box!

♥ Reasons I Love My Kobo ♥

  1. I can carry thousands of books in one device.
  2. Extremely portable. The slim design means it fits easily in everything from a suitcase to a purse.
  3. If I forget my Kobo at home, I can still read the next chapter of my book — I just need to download the Kobo app for my smartphone.
  4. Long battery life. One charge will easily last my whole vacation.
  5. FREE BOOKS. Over 1 million of them. I’ve downloaded Jane Austen novels (Emma, Persuasion, and Mansfield Park) and many other classics.

Kobo truly does have an eReader for everyone, and right now almost every single one of them is on sale. In fact, the sale prices for the Touch and Mini models are so low, Kobo is practically giving them away!

Kobo Summer Sale

ereader imageKobo Mini

One of the lowest priced eReaders on the market. Kobo Mini is a pocket-sized device and is perfect for reading on the go!

Reg. price: $79.99 Sale: $39.99 Buy the Mini for 50% off from Kobo

Kobo Touch ImageKobo Touch

Every word of your book or magazine will be sharp and crisp on the Kobo Touch — just like a book. The 6″ Pearl E Ink touchscreen offers a no-glare, print-on-paper reading experience. It can hold up to 30,000 books and will last for about a month on a single charge!

Reg. price: $99.99 Sale: $69.99 Buy the Touch for 30% off from Kobo

kobo glo imageKobo Glo

Read whenever you like, even if it’s the middle of the night. Kobo Glo’s 6″ touchscreen lights up the story you’re reading, not the room! Like the touch model, it will last for a month after charging and hold up to 30,000 books.

Reg. price: $129.99 Sale: $109.99 Save $20 when you buy the Glo by June 30th. Enter promo code EJB29 at checkout.
kobo arc imageKobo Arc is the one I would toss my Kobo Touch aside for in a heartbeat!

Reasons Why

  1. Color screen. 16.4 million colors, to be exact. 7″ 1280×800 HD display with 215 ppi (pixels per inch) means crisp and clear text + beautiful graphics.
  2. It’s more than just an eReader — it’s also an android tablet!

With the Kobo Arc, each time you read, listen or watch, it learns what you like and then delivers more of what you love. It helps you find new music, movies and articles connected to the media already pinned to your Tapestries. For more info, including the specs, click here.

Reg. price: $199.99 Sale: $179.99 Save $20 when you buy the Arc by June 30th. Enter promo code RFN47 at checkout.

Do you already own an eReader? Is it a Kobo or something else? Leave a comment below telling me your reasons for loving it.

Disclaimer: This post was written because of my undying love for my kobo touch. i strongly believe everyone should own an e-reader. I was not compensated by kobo or their PR company to write this article. However, it does contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission from any sales made via customers referred through my links.

3 thoughts on “#Kobo Is Having A Massive Summer Sale On eReaders!

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  2. Mary

    Thanks for the heads up on the sale. My dads been thinking of upgrading to the glo. I still prefer kindle because its easier and quicker to load books on from a 3rd party platform but kobo is still cheaper in Canada by a lot so it’s a hard choice!!! I still wish the price of brooks would go down a little. The authors are worth the money but let’s face it the publishers save a ton of money when they don’t produce a physical book!!

    1. Alicia

      Yeah, I agree about the publishers saving lots of money. I hate it when the e-book I’m interested in is the same price as the hardcover version.

      Choosing an e-reader is a very hard choice. I love my Kobo Touch, but if I was to upgrade it would be a toss up between the Glo or the Arc.


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