The New TASTING BOX from FOODIE PAGES arrives tomorrow!

The New TASTING BOX arrives tomorrow, but order quickly!

What is a “Tasting Box?”

Love to try new things?  Curious about the Foodie Pages producers? The TASTING BOX will feature five scrumptious tastes to enjoy (a serving or two of each) from Canada’s top artisan food-makers.  This is your chance to sample the incredible culinary talents right here in our own backyard! Each month there will be a new box.

What’s in the August 2013 tasting box?

  • Number Three Crisps from Feys+Hobbs (200g) – good for you bite-sized multigrain crisps
  • Deluxe Soup Mix from Full of Beans (250g)  – ten types of Ontario grown beans, complete with Kim’s soup recipe
  • Magnificent Mango Chutney from Major Craig’s (60ml) – Andrew’s newest creation is packed with mango goodness
  • Spicy Tomato Jam from Manning Canning (45ml) – goodbye ketchup!
  • Newget from The Newget Kompany (10 pieces/5 varieties) – a wildly original chocolate-based confection

How to get your tasting box from Foodie Pages?

On the first of each month, at noon EST, Foodie Pages will release 50 tasting boxes for sale. First come, first serve.  At $14.95 each, including shipping (except for remote areas), they’ll go fast!  The August TASTING BOX will be available tomorrow – August 1st at 12:00 pm EST.

Good luck!

– Alicia ♥

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